Your guide to smart BI planning

You have finally decided your small or medium-sized business is ready to utilize Business Intelligence (BI) software. This is a big step for your company and one that must be approached with diligence. If you are not careful the cost of BI software, not to mention training, could far outweigh the actual benefits you end […]

What to consider before you buy a new PC

With the holidays approaching, computers are likely to be among the season’s best-selling gifts. But there are so many different types of computers out there, each with varying specifications and capabilities – how do you find the best one for your needs? Whether you’re purchasing a computer for yourself, for your loved one, or for […]

Boring brands can succeed on social media

For many business owners who have dabbled in social media, they may think their efforts have been in vain and growing a large social media presence is impossible. They may go as far to believe that social media simply doesn’t work, especially when you don’t have an exciting brand like Nike or Google. The truth […]

Office 2016 for Mac is here

For Mac users who have been waiting with great anticipation, Office 2016 for Mac is finally available. The new version is worth the wait; Microsoft has implemented exciting new upgrades to improve the user experience. Office 2016 possesses far superior functionality and user interface than its predecessor, Office 2011. We’ve highlighted some of the new […]

Communication before the storm is key

As it is only a matter of time before the first winter storms hit in many places, you might want to consider taking a look at your company’s business continuity plan. Each year heavy snowfall and other weather-related incidents interrupt services and cost businesses money. One way to prevent this from happening is by communicating […]

Dear Clients and Friends,

I hope that each of you had a great Thanksgiving and that you and your families have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thinking back on the past year, we have seen many changes in this ever changing world of technology. Microsoft Windows 8 has become a mainstream operating system, more cloud based services have become available and smart phones have become more and more powerful and useful.

Dear Clients and Friends,

Happy fall! I hope that you are all doing well and have had a chance to enjoy the nice fall weather that we have had lately. This year certainly has flown by. It seems like just yesterday that we were making plans for 2013 and now we are fast approaching 2014!

I have a couple of things that I would like to share with you this month.