Dear Clients and Friends,

I hope that everyone had a good winter and is enjoying the spring weather. If you are like me, the pollen is aggravating your allergies. I guess we have to take the bad along with the good!

While pollen doesn’t affect our computers, heat does. Even a brief excursion into the high 90’s can do permanent damage to your computer equipment.

Still Backing Up to Tape?

Is your critical business data still being backed up to tape? If you are still a tape user, you might want to consider some of the newer technologies that are available. Tape drives are antiquated devices that just do not have the reliability factor of other backups.


To all of our clients and friends--If you receive what appears to be an invoice from a company called “DNS Services” in Vancouver, WA, please read it carefully before submitting a payment. Although you might see your company’s Internet domain information listed, this is not a legitimate bill.